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15 Minute Manifestation – Does It Really Work?

You might have heard many people talking about the power of the human brain. Yes, when your subconscious mind is hypnotized in the right manner, you can get whatever you were longing for many long years in your life.

You can easily get out of negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving your life goals by hypnotizing your subconscious mind towards positivity. Do you believe this? It was something that was achieved by many people using 15 Minute Manifestation. Read on to learn more.

An Overview

15 Minute Manifestation is a program that will help you change the present thought process of your mind to transform it into a source of enablement.

It is stated that it is our sub-conscious mind that directs our conscious minds and so when the former is engineered with positive thoughts by getting rid of the images that were created in your subconscious mind from the past experiences in your life. When this part of the brain is full of negativity, how will it give positive instructions and thoughts to the conscious mind?

So, the right engineering of the subconscious mind should be done and this is rightly done by the 15 Minute Manifestation program.

15 Minute Manifestation
15 Minute Manifestation

What’s Inside the Program

In 15 Minute Manifestation program, your brainwave is modified with the help of an audio file with many tracks. Here is the list of tracks included in this program:

  • The track 1 is known as the natural state. This will help you with erasing the present thought process out of the images created in your mind right from your birth.
  • The track 2 is referred to as the new story. This track will help you replace the past ‘failure’ goals in your life with new ‘successful’ ones.
  • The track 3 is called as ‘moving towards abundance’, which will help you with making changes to your fresh goals.

The creator of this program, Eddie Sergey, said that your body does not require very long time to create a habit. He states that it will take just three weeks or 21 days to create or to get rid of a habit. To achieve the same, all you should do is to begin thinking in an atypical way.

Now, what will 15 Minute Manifestation program brings you? The program encompasses:

  • Three audio tracks
  • Access to different suitable applications
  • A bonus material that will help you achieve deep sleep


Even though you might feel that the 15 Minute Manifestation is just a simple program that will help you to bring positivity to your life, it is actually more complicated as compared to what you think. When you regularly listen to the audio tracks, the routine can surely bring about excellent changes in the working of your subconscious mind.

Do you believe that I started experiencing good changes in my life and in my thoughts right from the first day of listening to this program? If you are prepared to see how long your subconscious mind can take you, this is the program to try your ears on. Are you prepared to see the great change in your life?

15 Minute Manifestation Discount

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15 Minute Manifestation is an amazing life-changing product to help you re-program your subconscious mind for unlimited success, great changes in your life!

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  1. Listening to the tracks from this program, I felt like the changing from winter to spring. I felt more alive – in a way i’d never experienced. It’s like something very powerful forcing my brain – in a good way. Damn, it was crazy.


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