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Making Your Way to New Body Weight – The Fun Way

To anyone struggling with body weight, 15-Minute Weight Loss program might sound too good to be true. The concept is all surreal; how could someone get thinner in just 15 minutes, right? The notion borders on the fantasy world. It would be especially true when you have been busting your behind fighting off those numbers and praying the excess pounds away every night.

Weight Loss FailedYou have hit the gym pretty much every day. You have done all the diet programs known to humankind every day. And you have even been fasting every day, curbing your appetite and torturing your consciousness because you know how desperate you are to grab that plate of meal in front of you. None of those seems to work. You might not gain weight but the existing pounds are still there with no sign of going away anytime soon.

But now someone is telling you that it is possible to lose weight in just 15 minutes and there are no forms of torture involved. Of course, you will not believe it. It’s completely illogical and your own consciousness is denying the notion altogether. Still, it is what it is so you either accept the fact and learn about this or keep doing what you and your brain believes to be the single acceptable truth.

15-Minute Weight Loss: Losing Weight Reinvented

To be fair, the 15-Minute Weight Loss program is not what you think of the first time you heard it. Of course no one could get thinned in just 15 minutes — a form of sorcery must be involved if that is the case. Rather, the program in question requires you to get it done for 15 minutes every day.

Now wait; it would be easy to argue: “If it still calls for daily commitment, what sets the program apart from any other form of weight loss regime? I’d rather stick with my routine instead.” — That might be true, if partially. But here is where things get interesting.

During the 15 minutes you spend with the program, you are not allowed to do anything that you associate with losing weight. This means that you shouldn’t exercise or even fast during the program. In fact, any effort to lose weight you do during the 15 minutes would be the exact reason why the program doesn’t work.

Knowing this, you would then have another question on your mind: “What on earth does this program entail if it doesn’t involve things I know?”.

How Does 15-Minute Weight Loss Program Work?

And this is why you will fight the concept. The program involves hypnosis — so of course your conscious self cannot accept the notion at all. The 15-Minute Weight Loss program breaks down steps of hypnosis that will help with losing weight.

15-Minute Weight Loss

The program redirects your perception: It’s your subconscious mind that needs tweaking, not how you eat or how sedentary your life is

Rather than submitting you into a string of body-wrecking diet plans and exercise routine, the program takes a more direct approach to the problem behind your weight keeping coming back. This is a method backed up by neuroscience and physiology.

Hormones and metabolism are both controlled by unconscious nervous system. Cortisol and serotonin, stress and happy hormones, respectively, are regulated by this very nervous system. So when your unconscious nervous system isn’t rewired into thinking that you should lose weight, it will continue to produce both, making you more stressed and packing more fat in the process and feel unhappy enough not to do anything including hitting the gym.

15 Minute Weight Loss program rearranges your brainwaves in order for them to be in sync

In nutshell, your brain emits three types of wave: beta, alpha, and theta. Beta is the one observed during the waking state. Alpha is detected during meditative state. Theta wave shows up only if you’ve managed to reach a really deep state. It is when your brain emits theta wave changes can take place, including whether or not you can lose weight.

Once you manage to achieve a theta state, you can gain a total control over both your mind and body. Theta state is really hard to achieve. But the program shows you how to sync both your left and right brain, after which the desired state can be achieved.

The program teaches you how to commit to the plan so any positive changes can stay permanently

Great results may be observed even after a few sessions but they wouldn’t be there for long if an individual doesn’t commit to the program and do it regularly. Your subconscious mind is a one stubborn son of a gun. It requires daily exposure to hypnosis so that it can retain things it has changed. This wouldn’t pose big enough a challenge for you. After all, all it takes is just 15 minutes of the entire 24 hours a day that you have in hand.

What Comes with the Main Program?

15-Minute Weight Loss BonusesThe 15-Minute Weight Loss program is presented in the form of CDs containing audio recording to train your brain on how to achieve a theta state. Of course it comes with bonuses; where’s all the fun if it doesn’t?

  1. Deep Sleep Now
    The CD contains 15-minute recording that you can listen to before bedtime. You should know that sleep has everything to do with weight loss. Someone who’s sleep-deprived has no chance of shedding those extra pounds without regular deep sleep.
  2. Look Great at Any Weight
    This part contains audio recording of subliminal messages that will train your subconscious mind on how to relax and comfortable with your own self. Stress will be reduced and you will both feel and look more attractive from the inside.
  3. Look Younger Now
    What’s the point of getting thinner without actually looking younger? This audio recording helps with smoothing out wrinkles on your face and you will immediately look younger than your actual age.

Final Words

The 15-Minute Weight Loss program is a nice way to take a break from all those exhausting exercises and tiresome diet plans that may or may not actually help. It only takes 15 minutes a day. At the very least, you can learn how you can relax your mind and everybody knows that relaxed mind opens a door to a host of new possibilities in the horizon.

15-Minute Weight Loss Discount

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