6 Free Tips to Continue Weight Loss During the Holidays

Weight Loss During the HolidaysIt seems as if food is everywhere from Halloween until the New Year. Many dieticians note this period as “The Eating Season“. This season helps many people to gain excess pounds and makes them overweight, out of shape and revert back to their old, bad habits. Most people will gain an average of 7 to 10 pounds during this eating season. In this article, you will find several tips on how to cope and stick with your weight loss plan during this season.

  1. Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol Consumption
    Alcohol contains seven calories per gram. It can slow down your metabolism and lead to poor nutritional choices. It is best to eliminate it completely, but if not, then reduce your alcohol intake to 1 or 2 drinks. Try drinking wine and beer instead of the fruity cocktails or fancy coffees, if you are going to drink.
  2. Eat First
    If you have dinner parties to attend, make sure you eat beforehand. Most people go to holiday parties on an empty stomach and end up making poor nutritional decisions. If you eat healthy snacks to fill yourself up ahead of the party, once you arrive you will have more self control over the food choices that you will make.
  3. Follow Your Weight Loss Plan
    Make sure to strategize and prepare your weight loss plan for each week. If you know that you have parties to go to one week, make sure you factor that into what is put down on your meal plan. If it is possible, volunteer to bring a dish. You could take a fresh vegetable tray with dip or fresh fruit tray. You will feel better if you set limits and know what you are going eat along with how much before attending your holiday parties.
  4. Increase Physical Activity
    If you have a dinner party to attend, try taking a 30 minute or hour walk during lunch or in the afternoon before heading to the party. If you are unable to exercise for that day, then try eating a light breakfast and smaller lunch to compensate for the extra calories that you many consume at the party.
  5. Stop Eating when Full
    Many people will keep eating past the point of their stomach being full. Make sure you eat slowly and finish what you have on your plate before deciding to get seconds or dessert. Wait 15 minutes before going for seconds or dessert. You many find out that you are full and do not need any additional food.
  6. Be Aware of Food Pushers
    Know that there will be some people that will recommend that you get more food or try a particular dish. Be prepared to refuse the food and let the person know that you are dieting or that you had enough and are too full to eat anything else.

Weight loss during the holiday season is difficult. That is why most people gain those 7 to 10 pounds during the holidays. However, by reducing your alcohol, eating beforehand, planning your meals, increasing your physical activity, knowing when you are full and being aware of food pushers, you will be able to beat the weight in the battle against the bulge and be successful with your weight loss goals.

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