8 Body Language Tips for Women in the Dating Game

Body language is a key component to attracting the man that you want. Women have used body language techniques to their advantage for years. Become knowledgeable and skilled with your body language and watch as you attract the right man that you want to date and get rid of the ones that you do not want to date, just by using your nonverbal communication.

1. Learn to use your facial expressions to let a man know that you are interested. Start by making eye contact with him. Stare in his direction until he realizes you are noticing him. Once he notices you are gazing at him, lower your eyes from head to toe and smile afterwards. This will let him know that you were watching him and embarrassed about getting caught. At this point, he will know you are interested. If you want to go a step further, continue to gaze in his eyes and smile with your lips parted.

Facial expressions - Eye contact

Make sure to do the opposite if you find a man staring at you that you are not interested in. Do not make any eye contact back. Look in another direction and never look back at him. He should get the point that you are not interested by doing this.

2. Look your best at all times when out and about. First impressions are very important. Have your hair and makeup looking great along with the ensemble you choose to wear. You do not have to wear a face full of makeup. Just wearing lipstick will do. You never know who you may meet while you are out of the house, so look fabulous as much as possible.

3. Make sure your body posture and facial expression gives an open and approachable vibe. Keep your arms down by your side and smile. By keeping your body posture open and facial expression friendly, men will feel more at ease when attempting to approach you. You can lean forward and position your body toward him once approached and conversing.

Twirling your hari4. Use hand gestures to show interest. You can use your hands to caress objects, such as twirling your hair or by touching the rim of your glass. This can be very sensual and show him that you are interested and open to being approached.

5. Do not be a tease. You do not want him to get the wrong idea about you, especially if you are not planning to follow through. You are playing with fire when you offer more than what you plan to give.

6. Do not get too intoxicated or smoke constantly when trying to meet Mr. Right. This may be a turn off for him, and he probably will not approach you after seeing you in that way.

7. Do not follow him around all night. You will look desperate and appear clingy. If he is interested in you, he will approach you without you chasing him.

Be confident8. Be confident in the way you walk and carry yourself. A man can sense when you lack confidence looking at your body language. Stand straight up and sit with you back straight instead of slouching over. Men are attracted to self-assured and confident women, who reflect confidence in their body movements and follow through with their actions.

By learning these body language skills, a woman can attract the man they want to date by not even saying a word. Master the art of nonverbal communication and watch as Mr. Right comes to you.

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