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Aspirin, Celecoxib, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Indomethacin — how many of these are you familiar with? If you have been living a life nuanced with chronic back pain, chances are you have taken any one of them at least once. Maybe your doctor told you to take them. Maybe one of your closest friends suggested one for you to take. Either way, you probably are gulping those painkillers like you take your breath. They might be even closer to you than the closest friend you have.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, well news flash, they are dangerous — and even that is to say the least.

The Truth About Painkillers

As a person living with chronic back pain, there perhaps have been many things you are told about. One of the most common would be that there is no winning against back pain. You will just need to find a way to live through it all — one of which is by using pills, obviously. Beyond that, you should learn to deal with it as if back pain is something that is given to you without you having any say about it.

Painkillers like opioids are ultimately more lethal than heroin — the former is three times deadlier than the latter. It’s baffling to see that so many doctors casually prescribe these pills for their patients. Sure, they may be able to keep the pain you are feeling at the moment in check but did you know that while the symptoms might be tackled, the cause remains? And as if the lethality of those pills aren’t enough a reason to stop them from getting out in the public, their ability to hook you up is tremendous. Compared to morphine, opioids are 100 times stronger, which is why it’s no wonder 130 Americans are dead every day from abuse of the substance.

Deal with Back Pain without More Problems

Back Pain SOSThe fact that you are taught to live with the pain and manage it penetrates deeply so much so that chances are your jaw is currently on the floor from being told that there is a solution to put it all to an end. Back Pain SOS by Virgil Pruteanu is the way out. It is all-natural and it doesn’t involve any chemicals whatsoever at all. What it represents is the fact that you can indeed free yourself from the overbearing chain of back pain without feeding your body toxic poisons that will further worsen your health instead of healing it.

Back Pain SOS is presented as a series of stretching exercises, all intended to repair blood supply to muscles and bones constituting your back. With the purchase of the program, you will also gain access to bonuses such as a video guide on how you can get better sleep, a video about how to wake up the better way in the morning, a guide on how to relief back pain the natural way, and a collection of recipes for an anti-inflammatory diet with which you can fix your meals with ingredients that are aimed at repairing the damage in your body.

Back Pain SOS Discount

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Back Pain SOS is the all-natural solution to get rid of chronic back pain without doing more harm to your body.

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