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The Story of Cinderella Solution

Being fat is ugly — and no, this is not body-shaming. Sure, women can have big body size all they want but if that bigness comes with a string of health risks, would it still be worth it? If you are happy and healthy, then by all means, don’t listen to what others may say about how you look. But if there is some threats lurking underneath it all, would you not care about how you can lose your weight if it means your health is improving?

Fat is Ugly?

Many of you may be stressed out from getting bad comments about the way your body looks. Those extra pounds really do some damage and are making you unable to sport some cool and cute swimsuit. It is really frightening to see how something like being fat really takes its toll on someone’s health, not only on the physical side but also the psychological aspect of it all.

So, feeling determined, you embark on a journey to achieving what most call “body goal”. You look to celebrities to find out how they eat and purchase so many exercise DVDs, probably more than you should. You hit the gym so intensely it practically becomes the second item on your day to day schedule after work. When you realize you have become this individual so overly obsessed with body image, all is too late.

The Problems with Traditional Weight Loss Programs

There are many shortcomings found in a weight loss program constructed in the most extreme of ways.

  1. By restricting yourself from eating – or by not eating at all, you have stripped your body off of its right: To get the nutrition it deserves. Sure, controlling how you eat is one of the basic keys but to literally starve your body in hopes that it will burn that excess fat away is risky, if not through and through dangerous. You basically mess up with the system put in place to begin with to keep you alive. Metabolism goes awry. Immune system is compromised. And by the end of the day, instead of looking fresh and healthy, you might want to clear up your days for a visit to the doctor.
  2. Cutting back on something, like sugar, for example, might be proven beneficial. However, when you stop yourself from eating what you want at all, you are essentially creating an internal environment that nurtures that obsessive thought about food. Avoiding some food just because adding it to your diet plan makes the calorie counter off the chart is, well, counterintuitive.
  3. Hitting the gym regularly is highly advised and recommended. Your body needs to move to burn off those calories. Precise exercise routines targeting specific parts of your body can help reduce the fat content indeed. However, when done without the slightest regard to how human body actually works and out of mere obsession, the gym could be your worst nightmare.

What’s even more dangerous is the effect these regimens have on you once you realize your hard work is all for nothing. Starvation will only lead to your body crashing. Restriction ushers in cravings. Excessive exercise may cause some injuries. And none of them are found in Cinderella Solution.

What Is Cinderella Solution Actually?

Cinderella Solution is a research-backed flavor-pairing weight loss program. Cinderella Solution combines weight loss program with the eating habits of women from all the healthiest countries in the world. It contains elements of:

    Cinderella Solution

  • Chocolate-pairing (Swiss)
    The program makes use of this method to help you hit that reset button on hormones and trigger a more effective metabolic process.
  • Carb-pairing (Japan)
    The program implements methods that enable you to enjoy foods that are high in carb while losing weight at the same time.
  • Movement-pairing (Australia)
    The program teaches you how you can forgo cardio exercise and take on a routine consisting of sequencing ritual, specifically targeting softest areas of your body.
  • Wine-pairing (Spain)
    The program will guide you to discover how drinking wine the right way can eliminate risks of getting strokes.
  • Spice-pairing
    This is not a method specific to any regions in the world; instead, during the research stage of the development of Cinderella Solution program, it was found that combining 2 types of spices can help with weight loss faster—and those spices can be easily found in a kitchen.

What Are the Benefits of Cinderella Solution for You?

Once you use Cinderella Solution, you will:

    Faster Weight Loss

  1. See that you can lose weight in a way that is 6 times faster than even the most popular commercial diet plan out there—and even without you having to count any calorie at all,
  2. Look healthier and appear as if you are 10-20 years younger—and that even counting those times you spend eating foods that are deemed too unhealthy by all doctors,
  3. Be able to deal with fat found on your trouble spots as the program helps your body free fat cells, which then are used for energy as needed,
  4. See how you can live 22% longer with just stacking carbs in a way that makes your heart stronger as you say goodbye to those excess pounds,
  5. Free yourself from obsession over food and hunger through a method applied in Alcoholic Anonymous, and
  6. Manage to enjoy your wine and still burn fat away.

Things You Can Obtain

A purchase of Cinderella Solution will grant you access to:

Cinderella Solution Complete Package

  1. The Cinderella PM Fat-flush Tea, which is a recipe for a cup of tea that can help your body burn fat even as you are sleeping,
  2. Knowledge about spices that when used can somewhat force the insulin in your body to use carbs from cheat-meals for energy,
  3. Information about those so called diet foods that you should avoid instead,
  4. The Time Machine Trick, which will guide you to regain that clear skin you had back then and improve happiness, mood, and well-being altogether,
  5. Methods of accessing areas in your body that are hard to target just by sticking to the habits of carb-pairing ritual that is full of taste.

Final Verdict

Cinderella Solution focuses on a weight loss plan that resets the 3 female hormones as it understands that putting the emphasis on getting rid of the fat alone isn’t sufficient. You need to go deeper and tackle the problem from its roots.

Research discovered that women are getting fatter from the age of 20 years old for an evolutionary reason. At different stages of a woman’s life, the hormones in her body change. Insulin, cortisol, and estrogen all work to make you look more attractive to the opposite sex, to keep you slim, and to make sure you have enough energy. This all takes place during puberty. But from then on to menopause, the hormones change in their functions as your body matures up and ready for pregnancy.

Insulin, the skinny hormone, will stand in your way of getting slim. Cortisol, the happy hormone, changes into a hormone of anxiety and depression. Estrogen, the pretty hormone, will be the reason why you have cellulite and age spots. All of this takes place because women are prepared to usher in a new generation of humans. Their body changes to accommodate an environment that is suitable to bear children. This makes it hard for you to fight off fat because conventional diets, regular exercises, and diet pills might be good but they can barely scratch the surface. That is also why you will gain all those pounds you’ve lost before all over again as soon as you take yourself off the regimen.

Conventional diets will mess with your insulin, giving you diabetes as it goes. Fitness classes will cause your cortisol level to go off the chart and damage your joints. And weight loss pills may tamper with your estrogen, presenting a new set of risks in the process, including the likes of cancers, endometriosis, headaches, and irregular periods.

Cinderella Solution Discount

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Stop fighting off the fat outside in. The time is high for you to discover a new weight loss method, Cinderella Solution, to deal with those relentless extra pounds and not hurting your body in the process.

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