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Having A Flat and Firm Belly – The Secret

Having firm and flat belly is a dream of any women. While many of them think it is impossible to get this achievement after 30, Flat and Firm Belly is there to make it happen.

Menopause GeneA little thing that not many women know is the fact that there is the so called Menopause gene inside every woman’s belly fat cells. When this gene is switched on, it is impossible to get the belly you’ve always dreamed of. However, at the time the gene is switched off, you always have chance to lose belly fat. The question now is: how to switch off the gene?

What is Flat and Firm Belly?

There are hundreds of similar products offering effective methods to lose belly fat. Sorry to say, it is quite difficult to find one that suits you. Some products are good enough to give temporary result, while some of them do not change a thing. If you are tired of changing from one product to another, Flat and Firm Belly by Dawn Sylvester comes to relieve your pain.

Flat and Firm Belly
Flat and Firm Belly

The Flat and Firm Belly works effectively from the inside of your body. As aforementioned, there is a ‘little culprit’ lies within your belly fat cells commonly known as Menopause gene. This gene has potential to develop belly fat no matter how much exercise you perform, or how little you eat. In other words, there is no way to get firm and flat belly when this gene is on. The product works directly by switching off the gene, allowing you to shed fat quickly and effectively.

How Does It Work?

The product boasts 3 steps for flat belly formula that will help any woman at any age to gain tight and flat belly. The 3 steps are the reason why this product is so effective that do not give you desperation. There is no either starving to death or vigorous workout that drives you crazy. Those 3 steps are as follows:

  1. Switch off menopause gene
    This is the most important stage to initiate your firm and flat belly program. Since the gene triggers fat buildup inside the belly, switching it off is your first step to shed fat. It also forces your body to instantly burn belly fat in less than 24 hours.
  2. Turn on shrinking hormone
    Shrinking HormoneAnother important step to shed belly fat from Flat and Firm Belly program is by turning on shrinking hormone. You might not know this hormone does exist in your body, which is why you ignore it. In fact, the shrinking hormone helps your body achieve tight and flat midsection in weeks.
  3. Turn up body metabolism
    The last but not least step is turning up body metabolism, allowing your body to burn belly fat and reduce your waistline. Amazingly, it works for 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week!


In a nut shell, Flat and Firm Belly is an amazing product you should not miss. The incredible formula helps you achieve tight and flat midsection without too much effort. Inside the product, you will also get sneaky tips and smoothie recipe to burn belly fat.

Flat and Firm Belly Discount

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Flat and Firm Belly by Dawn Sylvester is a diet program to shed belly fat in the most effective way. Get a tight midsection without starving or vigorous workouts.

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