Food Recycler: ZERA, VITAMIX or EXACO? – Comparison & Deals

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Nowadays, food waste recycle becomes serious concern. Based on the report from UN Food and the Agriculture Organization, there are approximately 1.3 billion tons of food waste every year. It is not just the issues of how people consume the foods, but it is greater problems since these food waste contribute in the production of greenhouse gases that will make the global warming worse. That is why the food waste should be managed well, and recycling them is very important.

The food waste comes from many places. It comes from houses, restaurants, cafeterias, and other places. Each place produces the wastes, and these should be recycled properly. They cannot just be thrown into landfills and bury them since this will not solve the problem. The waste may be hidden, but the production of greenhouse gases occur even when they are buried under the ground. Thus, there should be better method of food waste recycling, and there are some solutions for it.

One of the methods of food waste recycle is by composting them. It can become great movement where government can collect the food waste from restaurants, and other places. As for the households, the food waste can be collected and the composting process can be conducted. The compost is not the complete solution of food waste recycle, but it will be beneficial since the composts can become fertilizers. That is why everyone can try this and having a food waste recycling machine like Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler FC-50, Zera® Food Recycler or Exaco Aerobin 400-T Insulated Compost Bin is a smart move.

Food waste recycling machine is an easy and effective solution to manage the food waste. The waste should not just be thrown away. They still can bring benefits when they are cultivated or recycled. The food waste recycler can even provide alternative energy source that will be sufficient for household and even larger scales.

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