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God Frequency: What You Need to Know

Did you ever realize that while you are doing everything you can, still you never actually got the success you deserve in your life?

You have worked hard, tried your best, and after so many years – it seems you haven’t really progressed much from where you started. Don’t you think there much be something you are missing or you are doing wrong?

God Frequency claims to offer that missing key one needs to achieve a fulfilled life that they are seeking for so long.

So, What is God Frequency?

God FrequencyIt’s an audio program created based on the concept that with the help of the right frequency, a miracle is possible for anyone who wishes for it.

Does miracle sound a bit over the top to you as you are not a very religious or church-going kind of person? It’s absolutely fine. According to its creator Jacob X, who is an ex-priest, you can even be an atheist and still get immensely benefited as long as you can invest only 15 minutes listening to this program every day.

It’s actually the negative thought people always unconsciously have that leads them to failure even after doing everything one can possibly do to the best of their abilities. God Frequency designed to manifest all of your good and positive wishes for yourself into reality by changing how your brain works.

Several studies already show that the outcome of our actions depends on how our brain works, not what we have done in the real world. If your brain is not synced with the right positive frequency, it’s obvious that we will fail even after working tirelessly. Sounds familiar? Keep reading on and you are going to discover the most important secret of success in life right now.

How Does it Work?

What this program does is it rewires your brain so that it can vibrate at a specific theta frequency – and this is what the creator calls God Frequency.

To understand better, think about a broken radio antenna. Can you tune in to your favorite radio station if the antenna is broken or not working properly the way it supposed to? Obviously not, right? Our brain works a similar way and unfortunately, more than 99% of people have the so-called “antenna” inside their brain is broken or malfunctioning. However, it’s not our fault since our brain is biologically wired to have a negative bias.

The human brain basically comes as a flawed organ straight from the mother’s womb and one needs to know the exact technique to make it work as per the right theta frequency, i.e. God Frequency. The techniques you will learn from the program will help you to realign your body, mind and soul in the unison – and that’s when you are going to experience the real miracle in your life.

Now let’s see how it works. Our brain is divided into two parts – left and right, and while the left side helps our creative and emotional nature to overpower, the right side encourages us to think analytically.

Most people can only tap to one side of their brain that makes them either a calculative and logical person like an engineer or banker or a creative personality like a poet or an artist. Listening to the God Frequency program for only 15 minutes a day, you will be able to utilize both sides of your brain at the same time, giving you the power of creating a miracle by your own hand, almost literally.

And we are not talking about your professional life alone, the God Frequency Binaural Beats is to uplift every aspect of your life.

Want a better job?
Want to start a new business?
Do you have poor social skills and feel anxiety when speaking publicly?
Do you have an addiction issue and want to get back on track?
Regret your behavior with your ex and want her back from the bottom of your heart?

God Frequency Bundle

There is no need to go through a long meditation process or invest further in any additional therapies that either simply don’t work or require much more time and effort to show even the slightest result. If you have 15 free minutes in a day to sit calmly and listen to the program, you will literally experience an u-turn in your life within a period of three weeks.

Some Prominent Features

  • It is a collection of selected binaural beats (generated using a closely kept secret code straight from the Jesus letter) that helps your brain to balance itself to God’s own frequency to understand and feel his blessings in your life.
  • The program comes with high-value additional bonuses that will be immensely helpful for you to unleash many of your hidden powers and yet untapped potentials.
  • You also receive a no-questions-asked 365 days money-back guarantee provided you are not satisfied with the result. And trust us when we say this – we are yet to see a single person claim this offer until today.
  • You can order right now even if it’s 2 am and get instant access to the whole program. Since it is a digital product, it will be delivered to your email address immediately upon successful payment.


If you are struggling in your life and feel everything is going out of your hand no matter how hard you work to achieve something – it’s probably time to rethink your process of thinking. And God Frequency does exactly that, it forces your brain to think the way Jesus wished for you and take control of your life by harnessing both sides of your brain simultaneously.

With an unconditional 100% refund policy, there is nothing to be worried and you can be assured of the result or get your money back upon request.

God Frequency Discount

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God Frequency Binaural Beats will help you to realign your body, mind and soul in the unison – Let a miracle happen in your life.

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