How to Be More Than Just Friends: What Women Really Want

Just friendEvery guy knows the feeling you get when your special girl says “let’s just be friends“. Ouch. You did everything right, you were very nice to her and even bought her gifts but still she wants to be “just friends”. Read on and find out what women really want.

You need to understand what women want in a guy. Being nice is good, being a “nice guy” is not. Let me explain.

Nice guyA “nice guy” is someone who does everything to seek the approval of others, especially women. They buy a lot of gifts, they always give the socially correct answers, they always agree with the other person etc. This comes off as try-hard. It is good to be a nice person but don’t be TOO nice.

Imagine that you are a girl. Would you want to date a wuss? No. You would want someone that can protect you when the situation calls for protection. You want a strong man, not someone you can easily walk over. This goes for almost all women. There will always be girls that like “nice guys”, but they are a small minority.

The funny thing is that girls usually don’t even know that they don’t like “nice guys”. If you would ask what qualities they like in a man, a lot of times they will say that he must be nice. When talking to her girlfriends about her date with the last “nice guy”, she might even say “I don’t know why I don’t like him romantically, he’s a really nice guy!” without knowing that’s the reason why she doesn’t like him romantically in the first place. Female psychology is hard for us guys!

Here are some top qualities that women seek in their man. You may not be this person yet, until then just fake it ’till you make it:

  1. Be a man. You need to be a manly man, be a badass, someone with a spine. Someone who won’t always automatically agree with her and doesn’t do a lot of “nice guy” stuff. A man with his own life, who knows what he wants.
  2. Be a leader. Women are attracted to power, because power leads to safety and resources. You don’t have to be an actual leader of something, but you have to display qualities of a leader. Be an alpha male!
  3. Be intelligent. This isn’t just about being book smart or knowing a lot of things. It also has to do with social intelligence and emotional intelligence. This includes knowing how to act appropriately in various situations, having a good social life, being funny etc. She needs someone that she can rely on, someone that will step up when necessary.

There are more qualities that women want, but these are the most important ones. Remember: you can be nice, but don’t be a “nice guy”. Be a man with the basic qualities listed above. Use these simple tips, and you will have much greater success with women!

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