How to Find Food in the Wilderness

Find Food in the Wilderness

Although it is true that the majority of survival situations tend to be short and less than serious, it just takes one mistake to need the correct knowledge. During such short emergencies, the instant need for shelter and water is unbearable; knowing that you know how to find food in the wilderness, however, will serve to comfort you no matter how short a while you are lost.

In the wild, you will come across some simple various kinds of foods for survival. Knowing which kind to use highly depends on your location, as well as your available survival kit.

Wild berriesWild berries would be the first food group that you will encounter. They also happen to be the easiest and simplest foods to find. If it is the right season, you may even come across various different selections of berries that you can choose from. Just keep in mind that if it tastes or looks like a blueberry, raspberry or strawberry, it probably is one. To be safe, the majority of other berries you may come across should be identifiable at sight, such as bearberries, blackberries, bunchberries, cranberries, June berries, rose hips, thimbleberries, wild cherries and wintergreen berries.

The next group of foods for survival would be those that come from bodies of water, like fish. Any freshwater fish is practically safe and edible. With a little bit of practice, it would be possible to catch fish with just bare hands, though this won’t happen in a lot of cases. Patiently wait as fish swim by and then quickly pin them to the water’s bottom with just your hands. Fish can also be chased into shallower water pools, so you can trap those there. If, however, you have a fishing kit handy, you can use grasshoppers or worms as bait to catch fish.

Bird as foodBirds are another source for wilderness survival food. It is highly unlikely that you will capture or kill a bird without a gun. However, some birds nest on the ground, so if you have good aim, you can kill them with well-aimed rocks while they nest. Their eggs would also be a good source of survival food.

While bigger animals are common in the wilderness, it is highly unlikely that you will get any of them without proper weapons. Any mammal is very hard to kill without the help of some kind of gun. Don’t even attempt to make use of self-made spears or whatever primitive weapon you have to get animals for dinner. You are not in a Rambo film, so don’t even waste your energy and time trying.

The key point would simply be locating food in case you find yourself in a certain survival situation.

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