How to Guarantee the Success of Your New Hot Date

Tips for Your New Hot Date

If you’ve been on several dates in the past and currently and still find yourself stuck on bad dates more often than good, it could be that you don’t have a system in place to manage the dates you go on.

And if you don’t have a system in place, you should have a “tip sheet” to help you prepare to be your best on your new date – because you only get ONE good first impression. So, you should prepare as much as possible.

There are a few tips you can follow immediately to increase your confidence and reduce your nerves so you and your partner can have a great night out.

Jot down your dates interest

Jot down interestOne of the most important tips I can give is to take sometime to jot down your dates interest, what they like, and what they dislike.

Your focus should be on that persons interest to help start interesting conversations that’ll show your date you care enough about them to ask them or talk about what they want to talk about.

It’s basic human psychology. People like people who are genuinely interested in what they’re interested in. This doesn’t mean you should put your interest on the back seat, just be more conscious of what they like – and if you like similar things, it’ll be easier to make that connection instead of shoving down your dates throat what you like hoping they’ll pick up on a common interest. You should take initiative to be the person to look for those commonalities.

Don’t worry, you’ll find they will take a quick interest in talking about what you like as a form of reciprocation and consideration.

Good sense of humor

Sense of humorThe second thing I love to do is to get in the mindset of having a good sense of humor.

Nothing kills a date faster than taking oneself too seriously, especially on a first date. If you have an internet connection, bring up a funny videos to get you in the humorous mode. Learn a joke or two or have a funny story in mind to share memorized so you never run out of things to say and the conversation flows.

Be on time

Be on timeThe last tip I love is quite obvious, but necessary: Be on time.

If your picking up your date, it’s best to get there at least 5-10 minutes early. But not to early because you could be seen as desperate, but you don’t want to be late either and keep your date waiting.

If your being picked up, it’s even more important that your ready before your date comes to pick you up. Being on time is a rare commodity amongst people, even with all the technology to help keep people on time with their commitments, so be the one to set the example.


In conclusion, tips were created from my own experience and has helped me prepare to have many successful hot dates up until now. There are no guarantees that a date will always go perfect. Sometimes weather can screw up your plans, but how you handle those situations determine how creative you can be ensure a successful date.

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