How to Make Your Pizza Healthier

So your New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight, eat better, and get healthy. But it’s the weekend and you still want to continue lose weight during the holidays, but you’re desperately craving pizza. What do you do — give in, or deprive yourself?

Healthy Pizza

While it is true that pizza is not a dieter’s best friend, it is also true that the key to sticking to a healthy lifestyle is allowing yourself to have all foods in moderation. So allowing yourself to order a pizza once in a while is fine, if you keep in mind these suggestions for how to make your pizza healthier.

  1. Ditch the pepperoni
    Pepperoni is a greasy, fatty mess. Ditto sausage and bacon, for that matter. Why not swap those meats out for ham instead? Or say no to the piggie all together and have your pizza topped with chicken, a leaner, healthier alternative. The chicken will give you plenty of the protein you need as well.
  2. Load your pizza with vegetables
    Be sure to cover your pizza with a variety of low-calorie veggies. Think staple veggies like mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, or onions on your pizza. Or try a more exotic approach–top your pizza pie with spinach, roasted garlic, and fresh Roma tomatoes. Yum! Your pizza will be loaded with vitamins and you will have a gourmet dining experience.
  3. Change your pizza crust
    Thin crust pizzaMost pizza joints have options for what kind of crust you can order. Swap the traditional hand-tossed varieties for a thin crust pizza. Thin crust pizza has less calories than a traditional crust because there’s simply less crust. Less crust equals less carbohydrates. Less carbohydrates means less calories. I prefer thin crust pizza because it’s much crispier and has a nice crunch to it. If you decide to get thicker crust pizza, do yourself a favor and at least DO NOT order stuffed crust! It might taste good temporarily, but that’s a calorie-laden nightmare!
  4. Go heavy on the sauce
    Order your pizza to be heavy on the tomato sauce, light on the cheese. You will be able to taste all the delicious herbs and spices in the sauce and you will be eating less calories and fat.
  5. Suppress your appetite
    Allow yourself to eat a slice or two of pizza, but don’t overdo it. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. Before you even pick up your pizza, settle down with a big glass of water and sip it. The water will fill you up. Or order a side salad with lite dressing and pair your pizza with that. The lettuce in your salad will be full of fiber and will fill you up too.

Good luck on your New Year’s Resolutions and remember not to deprive yourself. Save pizza for an occasional treat and follow my suggestions to make your pizza healthier.

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