Law of Attraction Workshop – The Power of Attraction: What Is It?

Lesson One: What is the Law of Attraction?

Have you ever noticed that you have days or moments that are filled with wonderful and amazing experiences, and other days you can’t seem to stop the horde of bad things happening to you? Did you ever wonder if this had anything to do with you? If so, you have taken the first step toward understanding the nature of the Universe, and of yourself. The question is then, what was I doing differently in each of these examples, and how can I have more good days? The answer may surprise you.

Everything that you experience in life, you created!

Yes, it’s true. You are a creator of reality. Your entire experience in this lifetime is your creation, and you have the power to make it whatever you decide. Now this may be hard to accept, as it goes against all that we have been taught since birth, but it is very true. The only thing that we are capable of doing is creating reality. That’s what our consciousness does, and that’s why we are here.

Creating Reality

When you see something with your eyes, you are actually experiencing the representation of it that your brain created. When you touch something, your nervous system creates the sensation that you feel. This is the reality of your self as a creator. You create everything.

If that’s true, then why do I create things I don’t want to experience?

 Here’s the thing. Your mind believes everything that you decide, and draws it out into your physical experience. When you have thought patterns that describe your reality as something you do not like, then you get to joyfully experience all the wonderful things you constantly describe.

Focus on What You WantI hate my job.
I’m always so tired.
I never have enough money.

Get the picture? When you allow your mind to run rampant and dislike everything you experience then you are really allowing your consciousness to focus on exactly what you don’t want. As superior creator as you are, should you be surprised that you keep getting it? I think you’re getting it.

To create what you want, you must get control of your creative tools

Your mind is what you use to create your reality. When something is on your mind long enough you will begin to see it in your outer reality. How do you know if you are creating what you want to experience? You can feel it. Your emotions are a huge part of your mind and they are always telling you whether or not you want what you’re thinking about.

Feel bad when you think about that? Stop! Start thinking about things you want. You will start to feel good and positive emotions bring you to positive creations. This can be tricky, but the more you stop yourself from feeling bad and start feeling good, the easier it will be to do so. Your brain will begin to evolve and change to accept this new pattern of experience. Then you begin retraining your mind.

A little bit about vibration

About vibrationYour emotions are your most powerful creative tool because they shift the vibration of your entire body. What does the vibration mean? Your body at its core is a system of frequencies and vibrations, rhythms and pulses. Your heart rate, your brain-wave patterns, your atoms vibrating, your cells dividing and dying, all of this has a frequency. Your emotions can either create positive, harmonious vibration or negative, discordant vibration.

This energy will circulate through your entire mind and body and resonate out to the ends of the Universe. When you are feeling good you are experiencing a field of harmonious energy and you can only perceive things in harmony with you. In essence, you will “attract” things that feel good to you.

The same is true with negative vibration. You are immersed in a field of negative energy and from that perspective you can only experience that frequency in your outer reality.

What about my thoughts?

This energy is also affecting your mind. You will notice that when you feel good your thoughts automatically come out positive. This is wonderful news, if you create a genuinely positive vibration, your mind will be tuned to a positive broadcast and you will be on your way to creating the life you desire. Easy right? Just focus on feeling good and your thoughts will start to create a life you can feel good about!

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