Law of Attraction Workshop – Understanding & Mastering Intention

Lesson Two: Setting Your Intentions

*Check Lesson One in case you missed it.

We all have desires and ideas about what we want to do or have in our lives. Dreams and visions of a brighter future, of new experiences, of financial freedom or the perfect relationship. These desires can create feelings of disappointment and lack, or they can generate feelings of hope, excitement and inspiration. The difference is in how you look at them and whether or not you see the possibility of it happening. What if I told you that the desire itself creates the reality of it? Beyond that it’s all about the quality of attention you give to your desires.

Intention: What is it?

So, what is intention anyway? When you have created a desire for something to happen in your life, you have already done most of the work. All you have to do is use your ability to decide that you are going to have it, and you have made an intention. That’s right, a strong desire mixed with a decision to create that desire is all that an intention is.

Understanding & Mastering Intention

What do you do when you go to a restaurant with a desire to eat a great meal? You place an order. In other words, you decide what you are going to have based on what you feel would be most enjoyed by you in that moment. Then the server takes your decision and returns with the food that you desire. The Universe is your server, and your order is your intention. Once you decide what you want just place your order and trust that it will be delivered. Knowing it will happen is the key. 

How can I know it’s coming if I don’t see anything happening?

This can take some getting used to. Once you experience the Law of Attraction working for you it gets easier to know that something is happening beyond your physical experience.

Using your emotional guidance is really important after setting an intention, and is a good way to keep track of your order. When you set your attention on your desire and have a positive emotional response, you are definitely getting closer to its manifestation into your physical reality. If you are experiencing your desire in a negative emotional state then you can know that your desire is getting further from you. Doubt and fear pull your desire away from you, while hope, anticipation, and gratitude draw it right into your lap.

The Importance of Positive Emotion

Positive EmotionsAs you learned in Lesson One, your emotions play a powerful role in what you create. The better you feel in every moment increases your vibrational alignment with what you really desire to experience. From this good-feeling place your thoughts will be positively charged as they unfold in your mind and will further propel your positive vibration.

Once you have a strong vibration going simply focus on having what it is you desire, and you will begin to relish in the bliss of already having what you want! Really experience this with as much feeling as possible, and feel it as often as you possibly can. You will then be able to easily experience your manifestation physically so long as you remain in alignment with having it.

Now then, let’s set some intentions!

Your first assignment is to get your desires out of your head and into your physical experience. Get out a notebook or some paper and something to write with. This can be done anywhere. However, it’s best to find a place that inspires you or somewhere you feel comfortable expressing yourself – such as a favorite room in the house, or, if the weather is nice, your favorite park or place to meditate. Go there, relax, and get yourself into a strong positive vibration.

Setting Up Intentions

Next, just start writing out everything that you desire to have or experience. Feel how amazing you will feel when you have it, and write everything that comes into your head, no matter how crazy or far off it may feel, so long as it feels good to write it. If you begin to feel negative about something just skip it and write the next positive-feeling thing you think of. Once you have a good list of things going we can begin the next step.

Creating an Intention Board

After your list has had time to rest and infuse, get back into your positive vibration and take a look at what you have written. Take the top 6-10 desires from your list and put them in order of importance to you. Most important is number 1, least important is number 10.

Intention BoardThen get out a large sheet of drawing paper or a nice sized poster board and make your list! Use bright colors and, if you are artistically inclined, draw pictures that make you feel good. You can also cut out pictures from magazines or print pictures from the internet of the things you want and paste them on the board alongside each intention.

Have fun with this and feel your vibration rise as you create your vision! When you are done, hang it up somewhere that you can easily view it every day. This will help you to keep your vibes high and your intentions running strong as your desires come into focus. When you have created an item on your list, cross it off! Make a new list every time you get down to 2-3 intentions and place what’s left at the top of the list. You will be amazed at how quickly your life will unfold for you.

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