Learn More About the Tinnitus Condition (Part 2)

First of all let me say before you follow-up any of the suggestions in this article. If you think you may have developed tinnitus, see your doctor – there may be all sorts of causes – tinnitus can be caused by some forms of illness.

Learn About the Tinnitus Condition (Part 2)

There are a number of ways of dealing with tinnitus which help some people and which do not involve taking medication of any kind. Try to avoid stressful situations – if you get very stressful work it may be time to change your job. Try to relax out of working hours. If you have trouble getting to sleep because of it, a tinnitus masker which can mask the types of noises some kinds of tinnitus cause may help. What you do is to tune the masker so that it matches the noise your tinnitus is making.

Do not take any kind of illicit drug and try to reduce alcohol intake if you drink regularly. Reduce caffeine levels as much as you can.

Therapy and natural home remedies are available to help cope, and there are also tinnitus support groups on the Internet (and you will find nobody more sympathetic and helpful with suggestions of how to control it than another tinnitus sufferer).

Tinnitus can make many different kinds of noise and sensation depending on what’s causing it.

See a doctor

I cannot emphasize too strongly that you must not take any medication to help control tinnitus without seeing your doctor first. Further medication such as SERC (betahistine dihydrochloride) which is an antihistamine is also known to help some people but not all. This does take a while to work and is worth a trial if all else fails but it’s only available on prescription from your doctor.

Again, I must emphasize that you should always seek help from your doctor if you develop tinnitus – its onset can be a sign of hearing loss and you may need to get your hearing tested.

People who have no hearing at all get tinnitus and often find it extremely distressing. And tinnitus can be caused by other illnesses and conditions such as syphilis, Meniere’s Disease, an ear infection or even wax buildup or thrush (which can be extremely difficult to treat when it gets into the ears). High caffeine intake can also cause it.

Your doctor may also have some further ideas about how to control it. He or she should also always be told if you are taking medication or a remedy of any kind for tinnitus, especially if you are using other kinds of medication as well.

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