Losing Weight Through Visualization

Weight Loss Visualization

One of the most hurtful things I think anyone ever said to me was by a friend at the time, Danny. I was only about nineteen years old. Had I been older and more confident, I would have written him off as being mean or a jerk. He said, “You know, you would actually be kind of, um, pretty, if you weren’t so, you know, fat“. I was initially very hurt, humiliated, and embarrassed, but today I am thankful that he said those unkind words to me.

I initially struggled with losing weight and couldn’t seem to make any progress. I tried going for a daily run, but my legs started to build muscle, which just made them bigger. I tried playing tennis but had a hard time finding a partner and my wrists seemed sore after playing. I read a ton of books on diet and nutrition and tried all the latest fad diets. Finally, my key to successful weight loss turned out to be visualization.

I imagined that every extra ounce of weight I had was the exact food that I ate to put it there. I saw the cookies on my waist instead of my own skin. I saw the pizza hanging under my chin, plus the hamburger and the sandwich. Butter, milk, and potato chips were the flab on my arms. Still today, every time I think about eating something, I visualize where I will have to see what ever it is. I will be clinging to my body, as if someone could literally come up to me and go shopping.

Consuming less is important, but no matter what dietary school of thought you believe in, food with fat in it undeniably equals body fat, even the good fat like that in nuts and avocados. I continue to leave everything out of my diet that I possibly can. I leave the milk and sugar out of my coffee. I eat my cereal without milk and my salad without dressing. I leave the cheese off my crackers and the butter off my bread. I switch everything I eat to a low fat or fat free version. Believe me, stuff like grapes, apples, and salad and doesn’t hang around. I know that I not only am what I eat; I show what I eat.

It may sound strange, but with so many people struggling with weight loss, I thought I’d share my personal key to success.

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