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Mobility Ring – A Cure to Muscle Dysfunction and Joint Immobility

The Mobility Ring is an interesting invention that is created for the purpose of easing one from the pain in their upper extremities, often incurred during fitness routines. Coach Sonnon designed and used these rings in the United States Special Forces Operation to help the military take back control of their pain.

The ring helps ‘restore function‘ by compensating for the pain by moving joints in the opposite direction. Joint pain usually takes place when we overexert ourselves and do the opposite of what we are supposed to do. The only way to compensate is by training yourself to work your muscles the correct way, reducing constant dysfunction.

Why Choose the Mobility Ring?

Mobility Ring
Mobility Ring
Joint mobility and myofascial release (JMMR) works hand in hand with the Mobility Ring. It is a method used to treat damage to tissues, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and other sensitive intricacies within the body. It aids in repairing these damages, helping massage the upper extremities and win back effortless mobility.

By releasing knots that form within the muscles due to over-training, the natural fiber within tissues can be readjusted. This restructuring helps muscles work effortlessly and with precision, curing imbalances of all sorts. Furthermore, by using the Mobility Ring, you can get rid of chronic tension in the muscles of your arms. The JMMR practiced by the ring helps increase blood circulation within the body, aiding recovery, increasing oxygen and strengthening the tissues.

JMMR, along with the Mobility Ring, helps bring back muscle elasticity which improves muscle quality, efficiency, and aim. Once the sensitivity of the trigger points is vanquished, pain-reducing endorphins are released. Furthermore, by continuous use of the the program, inflammations are reduced, while muscle growth and repairs are increased. Even though muscle dysfunction is solely a physical impairment, it affects the body by increasing stress levels and disrupting sleeping patterns, quality of learning, memory and the overall way of life.

Another reason to choose the Mobility Ring is that it is a form of self-medication and can be used as a basis of self-care. With a frequent use of 2-10 minutes a day, you can excel in the art of correctly aimed workout sessions, without experiencing muscle soreness or any form of setback. With smart use, you can take control of your body and mind, addressing multi-joint functions and aiming to exercise your arm muscles without any limitations.


Individuals with varicose veins, skin lesions, eczema, lacerations, sunburns, or skin conditions or those undergoing chemotherapy should stay away from the usage of this technique. In any sensitive case, consult your doctor before attempting to use the Mobility Ring.

In any case, one cannot deny the unyielding effects of the JMMR and Mobility Ring which will benefit athletes and fitness enthusiasts for years to come. Never again do you have to skip a day of intensive workouts just because your muscles are cramping up. Get your hands on the exceptional Mobility Ring today.

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The Mobility Ring is a new invention that is created to reverse muscle dysfunction and joint immobility wchich often incurred during fitness routines.

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