Natural Home Remedies for Tinnitus

There are certain things you should know if you are serious about getting rid of tinnitus, you see tinnitus is characterized by whistles, beeps and buzzes that occur and leave by themselves. Damage to the inner ear hair cells could be responsible for the ringing sound in the ears of the tinnitus sufferer. There are some conditions and behaviors that lead to tinnitus such as too much fluid in the ear, flu, excess ear wax, etc. It can also be caused by drugs such as quinine and antibiotics, alcohol, aspirin and cigarettes.

Tinnitus Home Remedies
Tinnitus Home Remedies

Tinnitus can be naturally cured at home through the following ways:

  1. One of the simplest remedies for tinnitus is to avoid loud noises. Do not listen to loud music in your portable music device.
  2. It is a known fact that the pineapple plant has a helpful chemical that can be used to combat ringing in the ears. This makes pineapple consumption really valuable in getting rid of tinnitus.
  3. The gingko biloba is also one of the effective home remedies for ringing in the ears as it helps to improve blood circulation in the auditory region.
  4. Avoid consumption of beverages containing caffeine and alcohol.
  5. Practice relaxation, biofeedback. Try to avoid stress and fatigue.
  6. Having some background music on would be beneficial to you, tinnitus disorder can be more annoying in total quiet or silence.
  7. Every morning and every night have a habit of rubbing warm sesame oil into the bone behind the ear.
  8. You can also use vitamins and mineral supplements for the treatment of tinnitus. However, it is advisable you consult your physician before taking any supplements.
  9. Warm compresses on the back of the neck before going to bed is a simple home remedy for ringing in the ears you can make use of. Applying heat pad every day for thirty minutes can be very helpful in the treatment of tinnitus.
  10. Put a stop to the use of aspirin as it can worsen your condition.
  11. A very effective home recipe is to put two drops of mineral oil, glycerin or hydrogen peroxide in your ears. Tilt your head to one side to allow the oil flow into your ear. Repeat this process again the next day, by this time your ear wax would have soften. Next, spray water into the ear canal with the aid of a rubber bulb and let out the water.

The home remedies for tinnitus mentioned above are all natural and without side effects. And if the tinnitus still persists, you may need to contact your physician immediately.

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