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Old School New Body: Youth-Enhancing Bodyshaping System

Once you reach 35 you will start to see the signs of aging in your body. Our bodies do age and we cannot stop it. What we can do is slow down the aging process. We have been fed the idea that work out can keep us young and the exercises are different for men and women. The recent researches show that long workout session will tire our bodies and it is possible that we may not continue the exercises after some time.

The “Old School New Body” is a fast bodybuilding method engineered by Steve Holman (he was the editor in chief of old fitness magazine “Iron Man Magazine”) and his wife Becky. This method does not ask for daily 90 minutes exhausting workouts or core training sessions. But remember that even though this is not a daily 90-minutes workout you will have to work hard when you work out. They have found out a protocol that can be done by any age group. The name of the protocol is “The Focus4 Exercise” (F4X is the short form). This is a combination of unique moves that can be done by anyone.

Old School New Body
Old School New Body
Old School New Body is a method that took ideas from the old “Iron Man Magazine” to tailor a simple and effective method to get a healthy body. They have explained the nutrition plans, the action steps, and the workouts in the handbook. This system works for both men and women alike. There is no different system for men and women.

What You Will Learn

The Old School New Body system consists of three phases:

  • F4X Lean – This phase is for those who want to shed some fat from their body and lose some weight. F4X lean has some variations from the normal protocol and you will be provided with the F4X lean meal plan. It is your decision whether to stop at lean phase or not. If the aim was to just reduce the weight phase 1 is enough but you will have to follow the F4X Maintain protocol.
  • F4X Shape – This is the next phase after you lose enough weight. This protocol is slightly different than the F4X lean phase. Here you will have to change the lifting style and nutrition plan. The diet will include more food than the lean phase and you can have more muscles.
  • F4X Build – This is for those who want more muscles and dream to look like models on cover pages of fitness magazines. Here also there will be some additions to the weightlifting style and eating style.

The handbook contains all the guidance you need to achieve this and you have to work out only 90 minutes a week. With the simple (simple does not mean easy) way of exercise, you can slow down the aging process and be healthy. For a limited period of time you can avail this handbook for $20 $10 and along with the book, you will get other 5 bonus books (F4X quick start workout guide, Burn Fat Faster, Build more muscles, Keep the drive alive, and live the good life) absolutely free.

Old School New Body Discount

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Old School New Body is a highly recommended youth-enhancing workout system that can help in attaining a perfect, youthful body.

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