Savvy Dating Secrets: Why Online Dating?

There are roughly 37 million people using online dating services. Its rapid growth only reinforces the fact that it’s not only acceptable, but a preferred way of meeting potential matches. This has happened over the last several years. One reason is that computers are easy to use and people have more access to them. For example, many public libraries have computers that can be used by anybody.

Why Online Dating

Online dating is convenient to use, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time. They can virtually look for dates 24/7. This isn’t true for meeting dates in traditional ways.

You can learn a great deal of information about a person before you ever meet him or her. You know ahead of time whether there’s any possibility of a match.

Other matching-type uses, such as job hunting, have worked great. For instance, for job hunters, it’s increased the number of job sources available to them. It expands their reach into companies with jobs opportunities they might not otherwise have known about.

Similarly, online dating expands the reach of daters. They meet people they wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to meet.

One woman I coached was terrified to try online dating. Six months later she told me she’d had so many lunch and dinner dates that she no longer had to buy groceries. While that’s an extreme, it points out the potential for meeting new people. By the way, she found a wonderful man and they’ve been together for four years.

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