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Are you building a new business empire from scratches? Are you currently struggling with bringing business? If so, well, the time is high for you to tap into the power of video advertising. Oh, you have tackled that too? You even managed to create a very enticing, artistically and esthetically pleasing, and commercially powerful? But even after all that you are still scratching your head as the video you made doesn’t seem to be all it’s cracked up to be?

Have you really taken a really close look at all the elements? What about voiceover? If you skipped this part to begin with, then you have already set your marketing tool for failure from the get go.

Videos as a Marketing Tool

There’s a reason why visual marketing, especially one with moving images, is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your business: They engage the most active senses of human. But in order that a tool such as this to be effective, it must engage two: the eyes and the ears. A video, however pleasing to look at and pretty to observe, is a failure if it doesn’t come with audio output. A viewer will feel like a fool to have been watching a video that doesn’t have any sort of sound. You may think that your video would be great enough after you slap some scores into it but that wouldn’t be as effective as if you combine everything with a voiceover. You know, that person talking about the stuff related to the video content? That’s a voiceover.

Human Sounding VoiceoverNow without a voiceover, a video may still have a chance to work but that would mean you will have to work extra hard to strengthen your brand first so that people can easily associate the video in question with your business. For a small business that just started, however, inserting a voiceover into a video is the way to strengthen the brand. A video without a voiceover is a dud and a video with a subpar voiceover is giving you nothing — no clicks, no leads, no traffic, no conversion, no sales whatsoever. Why?

Engage Your Viewers Effectively

Your viewers are humans. Humans are creatures accustomed to storytelling, a habit embedded deep within their DNA ever since humanity discovered oral communication. Humans started off with their auditory sense being developed specifically to convert information.

Modern visual communication media such as TVs, Cinemas, and YouTube have only been known since the most recent century. A video without a voiceover is an empty sensory input that viewers will discard as quickly as it gets in because humans aren’t visual-specific in their nature. They need to HEAR the video in order that everything within the content can be properly processed by their complete set of senses. And because humans love hearing stories, you need a GOOD voiceover for the messages to perfectly engage the viewers.

Video EngagementWithout a good voiceover backing up your videos, there is no way you can come up with a complete marketing attractiveness and that’s why you can kiss goodbye to that sales video you’ve been drumming up since last year or a training video you have been designing since decades ago or an educational video you have been hoping to be good enough to, well, educate the target population.

Essentially, you just can’t go with a voiceover-less video and pray that it will eventually grab any sort of attention. You just can’t. Unless your brand is already established but that’s a whole different story right there.

Underlying Challenges

Now that you understand what the problem with your video marketing effort is, problem doesn’t end there. There are factors that stand in your way and they will certainly give you a hard time.

  1. English might not be your first language and you know, as a global lingua franca, good and clear English is absolute, lest you risk getting misunderstood, further impending the way you wish the message is conveyed,
  2. There might not be recording tools such as a microphone with you at the moment and you realize that clear sound is only possible with good equipment,
  3. You might not feel that you’re comfortable with your own voice being recorded and you know firsthand just how awkward it is for you to send a voice note over a chat app,
  4. You might not have what it takes: A voice that is radio-sounding, nice enough to lull people into slumber comfortably.

When you encounter these problems, there are only 3 ways you can go about them:

  1. Outsource
    There are people out there making their living by providing their heavenly voices to parties that otherwise aren’t able to produce their own good voiceover. The downsides of this option are:
    a. You will likely to spend a fortune just to find a voiceover artist and even then, you might not like the final product,
    b. This option doesn’t provide you with a good learning opportunity, and
    c. Well, it’s highly expensive.
  2. Robotic Voices
    You know what robotic voices are? They’re the voices that robots make. It’s a good way to drive viewers away from your brand and not to mention make you look unprofessional.
  3. Speechelo
    Speechelo is an app that produces a voice that 100% sounds like that of a human and it’s very friendly toward your wallet.

How to Use Speechelo and What Makes It Great

First, type out what the voiceover will say. Once done, copy-paste the text into the app’s editor, after which their AI engine will automatically add punctuation marks and everything else in between so the resulting narration can sound natural.

Second, determine what language you want the voiceover in and choose a tone to go with it. There are three tones to choose: Normal, Joyful, and Serious. And the engine can even arrange if you wish the voiceover contains pauses or breathing sounds.

Third, generate and download. The process of converting your text into a voiceover takes about 10 seconds and you can play the voice to see if it works. After adjusting stuff, you can directly download the result.

Speechelo Software

Speechelo is a powerful tool because it:

  • Can transform all sort of text into speech,
  • Includes both male and female voices,
  • Is the only engine of this service that may use inflections,
  • Works with English along with 23 other languages,
  • Has 30 types of human voices, and
  • Can be used along with common video creation software such as Audacity, iMovie, Adobe Premier, or Camtasia.

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Don’t hire a voiceover artist or a robot to do the job. Don’t refrain from making sales videos. Speechelo is the only you need.

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