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E-book as A Powerful Addition to Online Marketing Tools

The truth is no matter how simple and easy the internet has made it look for anyone wishing to monetize anything, online marketing is a harsh environment to dabble with. You could say you can simply rely on many social media platforms out there and you’re good to go. However, did you ever realize that promoting your brand and product this way is only a fraction of the whole hard work things?

Online MarketingYou can’t depend merely on enlarging your online presence without putting out anything to add to the entire endeavor. Let’s put that in an easier premise, shall we.

Let’s say you have done everything in your power to improve and widen your influence on the internet. Everyone is aware of your brand and everybody knows what you are providing. However, how would somebody understand in detailed manner the very thing that you are offering?

Social media can only do so much to help you drive your point home; with limited space and probably paid services for promotion, you might lose business. Thanks to no one understanding what in earth you are selling. You need something that can accommodate your needs for being able to describe your products without being limited by any sort of factors or issues. You need e-books to do this and you need Sqribble to accomplish this.

The Power Contained within an eBook

Before going further deep into the notion, let’s talk about just what kind of things an e-book can do for your business. You must have been living under the rocks all this time if you don’t know what an eBook is.

E-book is just like a regular book, only it’s available in a digital form, hence the prefix ‘e’. An eBook can contain so many things and lots of information, more than what a 140-character space can do or a photo can describe. You can’t post an e-book on Instagram. You can tweet a link to an e-book but that would be a hassle.

Through an e-book, you can talk pretty much about anything related to the products you sell complete with your company’s profile as well as the benefits and advantages of selecting your brand freely without thinking about how many words are you confined to in order to preserve space or things like that. From this perspective, an e-book must sound like a promising tool you can make use of to grab potential clients’ attention or engage further with the ones you have already gained.

But, keep in mind, building an eBook is easier said than done.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble eBook CreatorThis is where Sqribble does its part for you. Sqribble understands that not everybody is an author at heart. Some of you might be good with crafting products and others might find administrative and corporative functions to be within their league. The same people, unfortunately, might stutter when they find out that writing isn’t their forte. If you are one of those in the latter category, this is the app for you.

In designing an eBook that delivers impact, there are three things to keep in mind: a cover that’s eye-catching, a professional design, and a layout and content that can definitely engage even the most casual readers out there. If that sounded like a daunting task, it’s because that is. Again, not everyone has a knack for designing a book and certainly not everyone has the ability to turn a commercial product into an interesting reading material.

How Does Sqribble Work Exactly?

The Sqribble app doesn’t require installation yet it still works on computers running on any OS. This is thanks to the fact that it is completely cloud-based, making it easy to access and work with. All you need to do is login to your account and start working.

Within the app you will get to select one out of many available templates. The templates are designed specifically with grabbing readers’ attention in mind.

Pick Templates

Next is creating the content. If you have decided that you don’t have what it takes to come up with a content that is powerful enough to bring business, you can just input a URL into the app and let it do the rest. The system will gather everything to put onto the book.

To cap it off, select a theme and color customize icons or feature, and the e-book is ready to publish in no time.

What’s in the Box?

Purchasing the Sqribble app in bundle will give you access to the following:

  • The Sqribble App
    An e-book generator that is so complete you will wish you have had it long before you read this. The app is a state of the art tool that is simply here to help any business owner widen their clout.
  • Agency Rights
    This is especially interesting if you intend on turning your e-book making effort into a business of its own. You will obtain full rights for each e-book you generate to sell to your clients looking for good-looking eBooks for themselves. You can advertise the service on the internet and once a potential client is interested in using your service, you can subsequently make one for them.
  • Training Center
    The app comes with a program that acts as a guide for you to unlock all the potentials that it may have to help you. The program contains support and tutorial so you will understand the steps in designing an eBook in details.

Final Verdict

Seeing the fact that online marketing has gotten really competitive these days, Sqribble presents itself as a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to expand their online presence. You will have a new marketing power under in your disposal to stand out among the many competitors without relying solely on the gimmicky side of social media platforms.

You can save a lot of time, effort and money as well by making use of this app as it’s simple to use and pretty much affordable to begin with. E-book will fill the gap that other means of online marketing simply cannot cover due to limitation both in space and words.

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Sqribble is a powerful eBook creator that will help market your brand online and generate more clients.

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