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Synergy Spanish: Swift, Effective and Affordable Language Acquisition

Before you dive into our Synergy Spanish review (and the discount offer, of course), let’s discover some facts. A record number of people speak Spanish as their native language; more than 410 million people around the world. In order to be able to communicate successfully with a staggering 5.85% of the world population, one has to master the language.

Synergy Spanish
Synergy Spanish

At first look, the Synergy Spanish language course seems to offer something different. Then after a closer look, it is impossible not to notice the kind of thought processes that have gone into designing this extremely practical language course.

The Unique Approach of Synergy Spanish

Picture this: You’re on a quest to conquer Spanish, but traditional courses throw a maze of grammar jargon and academic labyrinths at you. Vital, yes, but let’s face it—they’re not your express lane to fluent, everyday chitchat. That’s where Synergy Spanish strolls in, sporting a trailblazing style that makes language learning as comfy as a daily chat over coffee.

Synergy Spanish is all about flinging you into the conversation spotlight. Forget those snooze-worthy courses that trap you in the grammar abyss. Here, the mission’s clear: speak fluently in the real world. We’re not here to craft language wizards; we’re here to make you an ace communicator with native Spanish speakers.

Grammar Gloom, Begone!

Grammar’s like that boring dinner party topic—necessary but a total buzzkill in the wrong context. Synergy Spanish gets it, especially if you’re a jet-setter, a corporate hustler, or simply craving a deeper connection with Spanish-speaking amigos. Ditch the grammar overload, and join our smooth ride to talk-town.

Here’s the kicker: Synergy Spanish unlocks linguistic superpowers with just 138 game-changing Spanish words. These handpicked gems aren’t just for show; they’re your golden ticket to ruling the everyday conversation kingdom. With this laser-focused approach, you’ll be bantering in Spanish like a pro in no time.

Marcus Santamaria: The Genius Behind the Curtain

Marcus Santamaria
Marcus Santamaria ‘The Founder’

Meet the wizard behind Synergy Spanish’s curtain—Marcus Santamaria. He’s the maestro of simplicity in language learning. His vision? Whip up a full-course feast minus the language fluff. It’s all about zeroing in on what truly fuels effective communication.

Student's Testimonials
Student’s Testimonials

About the Course

The program is extremely affordable. There are three packages to choose from:

  • Synergy Light: Extremely easy on the pocket in terms of money. This package consists of 68 comprehensive online audio lessons, an action guide and even more, a course application for your android or iOS device.
  • Synergy Video: In my opinion, this package is ideal in terms of value for money. Costing at just under $50 with our exclusive discounted price, Synergy Video has additional features such as 68 online video lessons and additional help via 90-day email coaching.
  • Synergy Video Plus: Priced at $145, this course is perfect for people like me who prefer having something physical to refer to for revision of the language. In addition to the android and iOS application, 90-day email coaching and 68 online audio and video lessons, this package gives the subscriber the added advantage of having the audio lessons on a set of 12 CDs and a printed version of the guide for physical reference.

Final Thoughts

The Synergy Spanish system has been designed to accommodate people of all ages, ethnicities and work backgrounds. One of the biggest hurdles when learning a language is the inflow of excess information that not only leaves the learner confused but also over whelmed. Marcus has managed to simmer down the course to a core set of 138 words. This not only makes the course extremely practical in terms of application, but also useful for people short on time and money.

Testimonial 2
Student’s Testimonials

Consisting of 5 well thought-out modules, each module focuses on core aspects of effective language acquisition. I considered hundreds of over-priced online Spanish courses that just seek to make a business out of knowledge impartment; certainly Synergy Spanish stands far above the rest and is worth every dime, dollar and penny.

Synergy Spanish Discount

The regular prices of the Synergy Spanish on its website are $67 for Synergy Light package, $97 for Synergy Video package, and $145 for Synergy Video Plus CDs package. But today, you can join this astonishing Spanish course with 50% OFF on Light and Video package! Hurry claim your special discounted price below before it’s gone!

Discount Plan

Normal Prices: Check
Synergy Light: $67
Synergy Video: $97
Video + CDs Package: $145

Discounted Prices:
Synergy Light: $33.50
Synergy Video: $48.50
Video + CDs Package: N/A


Synergy Spanish Review
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Learn Spanish without breaking your heart, mind or bank – Synergy Spanish is the smart way to speak Spanish like a native.

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  1. Have only worked through the first module but liking it so far. The audio is clear and easy to understand. I am considering to upgrade to the video package, is it worth it?

    Anyway, thanks for the discount!


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