Teds Woodworking Review – My Honest Opinion

Teds Woodworking Review: A Must Tool for Every Woodworker

Planning on delving deep into the world of woodworking? You might have just discovered your passion in the craft recently; or you might find it pretty promising as a source of income in this trying time. Whatever the reason may be, upon deciding that you will give it a shot, you will most likely direct your attention towards magazines with focus on woodcraft or woodworking plans sold out there.

As a newbie, that seems to be the easiest way to learn new things. As a professional, this way may increase your chance to improve your knowledge base, which will eventually expand your creativity. But there is a problem about this, one that can be solved by relying on Ted’s Woodworking plans.

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The Problems with Modern Woodworking

Before we dive into my Teds Woodworking review, let’s talk about said problem. Most magazines on woodworking and woodcraft plans are basically nonsense. Why? How many times you find yourself stuck in a project because the plan you use omits an important part? How many times you get confused because the magazine you trust bears a diagram so confusing it makes you want to tear it apart? And how many times you find yourself gazing into empty space thinking, “Well, this seems wrong….”

Complicated PlansA seasoned carpenter or woodworker may easily find a way around getting stuck. A newbie, or someone just want to do woodworking casually, on the other hand, will think that the subject is just too hard to carry out. If you are an experienced woodworker, staring at those magazines or online sources may leave you with more to question about than things that are straight out solution.

This is where Ted’s Woodworking steps in and solves the problems for you. It does so by taking out all the unnecessarily complicated stuff and ironing out the crumpled surfaces. Ted’s Woodworking is constructed out of 16,000 collection of woodworking plans and projects, each of which is tailored specifically for you complete with blueprints of clear steps to follow. With this guide in hands, you get to build something that is stunning, quickly and free of hassle.

What is Ted’s Woodworking All About?

Teds Woodworking is the most comprehensive online woodworking course consisting of 5 features:

Step-by-step Instructions

Step-by-step InstructionsWoodworking projects are offered in detailed manner complete with step-by-step walkthroughs. Clearly defined instructions make for project-building that is highly effective in all regards: It is fun, easy, and fast. The instructions are designed in a way that caters to your every need. Through this intimate approach, you get to complete a project in the smallest possible fraction of the time it normally takes you. Thus with the instructions close to you, you will most definitely feel like being guided by the master of woodworking through each step.

Lists of Materials and Cutting

Lists of Materials and CuttingFor every project featured in this guide, there is an exact list for cutting and materials. Hence with the help of the list, you can stop yourself from wasting your money on wrong things. You can precisely purchase the right quantity of items, the right materials, and the right wood. Then by the end of the day, you get to trim your waste and save time.

Detailed Schematics

Diagrams are annotated clearly and unobstructed. You will see which goes where and what to use for building a specific project.

All-angle Multiple Views

All-angle Multiple ViewsThe guide allows you to observe a project up close before working on it. This way, you get to obtain an image of how the end product should look before beginning the work. This is another weakness found on most free plans. Most only assume and that will result in you building something that isn’t remotely similar to what is displayed on the drawing.

Beginners and Pros are Welcomed

Ted’s Woodworking plans are pretty inclusive in that it welcomes individuals with varying skill levels and competence. Whether a newbie, an amateur, or even an experienced woodworker, all should be able to make use of this guide as there is always one project that suits everyone.

Teds Woodworking

In addition, you will also get new Ted’s Woodworking plans every month for free. So, in other words, in total, you will practically gain access to more than 16,000 plans and there will be no extra charges for additional free monthly plans, which all come without expiry date.

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What Plans are Offered?

Talking about list of plans, Ted’s Woodworking never seems to run out of options for you to pick from; thanks to its ever-growing database of woodworking plans. The list includes:

Arbor Projects Adirondack Chairs Artwork Display Bathroom Unit
Box Designs Billiard / Pool Table Barn Plans Bed Plans
Bedside Cabinets Bee Hive Plans Bench Projects Bird Feeders
Birdhouse Plans Boat Plans Book Case Plans Changing Table
Coat Rack Cabin Plans Cabinet Plans Carport Plans
Cart Plans Cat House Plans CD / DVD Holder Cellar Projects
Chair Plans Chicken Houses Children Rooms Clock Plans
Coffee Tables Cold Frame Plans Compost Bin Computer Desk
Containers Crafts and Gifts Cutting Boards Deck Plans
Dollhouses Dog Houses Door Designs Dressers
Drill Press Entertainment Furniture Plans Farmshop Plans
Fences File Cabinet Fireplaces Frames
Furnishings Kids Furniture Garage Plans Gazebos
Greenhouses Guitars Gun Cabinets Gun Hidden Storage
Hammocks Home Office Horse Barns Humidor Plans
Hutch Plans And many more…

Bear in mind that these are only a small part of what you will discover after making a purchase. Each of the plan is carefully designed and curated by Ted Mcgrath, the master of woodworking, who have pretty much seen whatever the market has out there to offer. None of them is quite sufficient, which is why it’s no wonder many give up woodworking just after one shot.

Complete Woodworking Projects and Plans

What’s even more saddening is that some of those who quit are truly talented but they do not have the support they urgently require. It’s just not possible; some woodworking plans are presented in mere simple images without enough information to work with and then you are to work on the project by figuring things out on your own.

Teds Woodworking Bonuses

After reading our Ted’s Woodworking review and making your purchase of the product, you get to enjoy the following bonuses delivered to your email address:

  1. DWG / CAD Plan Viewer
    DWG / CAD Plan ViewerWith this, you can forget about having to buy CAD software, which is admittedly overpriced beyond reason. This software, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to do everything from editing to modifying to creating your own woodworking plans.
  2. 150 Premium Videos
    You are granted with a membership access for a lifetime to unlock more than 150 premium woodworking videos about woodworking spanning a wide spectrum of related topics. This includes access to new woodworking videos that are updated to the database regularly.
  3. How to Start a Woodworking Business
    How to Start a Woodworking BusinessThis book is a good start if you wish to monetize your woodworking skills. Topics covered by the book include:

    • A quickstart guide and how to operate successfully
    • Matters of marketing your services
    • Finding suppliers and mapping out your competitors
    • Some business aspects (tax, accounting, licensing) that you need to know
    • How to scale up your business.
  4. Complete Woodworking Guides
    This part contains tips and tricks on woodworking within 200 pages complete with detailed drawings, photos, and diagrams. You will find advice that can help you set up your woodworking projects. If want to know the basics, this is where you need to start from. Anything you wish to know from hand tools to use for specific projects to how to cut dovetails can be discovered in this section.

So, after fully read my Teds Woodworking review,
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Teds Woodworking Review
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Thinking about giving up on your woodworking career? Wait until you get your hands on Teds Woodworking and see if you change your mind altogether.

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