The 24-Hour Survival Kit

24-Hour Survival Kit

Every year there are events that take place that are out of our control, fires, storms, etc. The sad part about this is, many people do not plan for such events. Now I know that there are many of us who live a rural or semi rural life style that can boast on trying to be as self reliant as possible, but what about when you are on the road? What if you are going home and something happens that you cannot make it, fire, flood etc. Smart answer? The 24-hour kit. I have been a practicing survivalist for years, and I usually maintain the need to have a 72-hour kit on hand. But lets face it that is a lot for some people to carry in a vehicle every day, so we down size.

Having a 24-hour kit is just plain smart. It is like making sure that you have a spare tire, or all of your fluids are checked before going on a trip. There are different bags or kits for different people. You can even buy them pre-made. However, it is a lot less expensive to buy the bag or kit container and the things that go inside, and pack it you’re self. In addition, it can be fun. Let’s take a look at the contents of your bag or kit.

  • Two large heavy-duty garbage bags. Useful for garbage, Shelter construction, emergency rain poncho etc.
  • One gallon of water. Cannot live without it; you need to have a good container that you can refill.
  • Two MRE’s. Meals ready to eat, these can be eaten hot, or cold, and they have a good shelf life. You can find these at most sporting goods stores or military surplus stores.
  • Six Power Bars. Good supplement for in-between meals, make sure, and get the kind that does not melt.
  • Strike Anywhere matches and a Bic lighter. Good if you have to camp out and light a fire for warmth.
  • Basic First aid Kit.
  • Knife. I like to use the full tang knife. that is large enough to be functional, but not too big that it can’t be used. Besides defense, it can be used for shelter construction and other survival type chores.
  • 50 Rounds of Hand Gun Ammo. This is, of course, optional. We have all seen floods and other tragedies bring out the worst in some people, so I choose to travel armed.
  • Attached To The Bottom of Your Bag: One field jacket (any warm jacket will do) I also like to keep a pair of socks and underwear in the pockets (you never know).

This of course is a suggested list that works for me. It is important to have a similar bag or kit for each person that is traveling with you since the supplies will only go so far. As the Boy Scout saying goes “Be prepared” there is no reason to be caught with out, all we have to do is try to look ahead, and then educate our friends and neighbors to do the same.

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