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The Asian Diet Secret: Does It Really Work?

The Asian Diet Secret is a book written by Anna Sofia, a Training Specialist for the biggest bakery franchise in the Philippines. By blood, she is half Asian and half Spanish. She found this secret of losing weight through Asian traditional food from her Asian root.

Anna discovers that Asian food is rich in nutrition and vitamin that body needs, unlike western fast food which is the primary cause of obesity in countries such as United States, Australia, United Kingdom, etc. She also finds out that eating less food and excessive exercise do not get her anywhere near weight loss goals. Then, she discovers this secret of Asian diet.

The Asian Diet Secret
The Asian Diet Secret
The secret of Asian diet, as stated by Anna Sofia in her official website, is located in the foods. The comparison between Asian and western countries based on the daily consumption, is that western countries tend to have junk food, white bread and other kinds of fast foods.

Asian countries commonly consume foods that contain natural ingredients, not chemical like fast food. That’s why Asian countries tend to have lower obesity rate. Thus, in The Asian Diet Secret, Anna Sofia will give you Asian dish recipes that you never have to worry eating too much, the secret about rice and its myth about weight gain, the right nutrition for your body, also the type of Asian dishes that are actually dangerous for weight loss program.

See, those are just a couple of the features from many that await you in the book. The reason why having The Asian Diet Secret book is more efficient than going to the gym and having that sweaty workout, is that this book provides crucial information that you need to lose weight, including the myths about dieting. Just give it a try. You won’t regret.

The Asian Diet Secret Discount

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