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If you haven’t already heard of the BioEnergy Code, then it’s a good sign that you stumble upon this piece today because this is where all the miseries and failures in your life are going to stop. This will be especially true if you are someone currently struggling to crawl your way out of the dark abyss that has been burdening you your entire life, a.k.a. the rock bottom.

Rock Bottom ConditionAh, rock bottom. We have all been there before. We have all hit the lowest point of our life. It doesn’t matter how the bottom looks or how deep the bottom is or just how sever the process of hitting it. Everyone perceives rock bottom in their own way. Everybody experiences rock bottom differently. The point is that when you feel like hitting the rock bottom, it feels like it’s the end of everything. It might not be the end of the world but it definitely feels like the end of YOUR world and that is what matters here.

Also, forget about others’ rock bottom. As previously mentioned, everyone has their own lowest point of life. There might be only one point in your life. There could be several points in somebody else’s life. That doesn’t matter; the frequency, the severity, and the cause/effect stuff don’t matter.

What matters the most here is how you should gather yourself after hitting a rock bottom. It doesn’t even matter just how big the event might be that forces you down the dark abyss from where you don’t feel you can escape. Why? Well, by the end of the day, it’s how you manage to get out of the hole that counts. Problems, mistakes, failures, errors, and everything else in between will always be there as long as you breathe. It’s how you handle them that set you apart from fellow rock-bottom hitters.

One Solution Worth Trying

So, after a string of failures and shameful events, what do you do? Do you wallow and sulk in the corner? Do you hit the air with a force that could pull your own arm off? Oh, you stand up and move forward? How do you do that? Oh, you’re reading that self-help book? That’s great! Oh, you have found a guru that teaches you about the law of attraction? Fantastic!

But did they really work?

Here’s the thing; all of those books, gurus, seminars, conventions, and courses are well-meaning. They are intended as a way for you to help yourself out of the hairy situation you’re currently in. All of them are designed to free you from you’re your pain and misery. But almost all of them fail in one basic aspect: They focus too much on the external forces around you. This might prompt you to ask, “So, what else this BioEnergy Code can do? It’s a self-help course, too, isn’t it?”.

The BioEnergy Code Bundle

What sets this package apart from the others is the fact that it doesn’t look for something else outside of your body to help you control your life. It directs the attention inward and teaches you how to release the right kind of energy that will help shape the way you experience life.

Your Body vs. How Memory Works

Brain Stores MemoriesBefore we get to the bottom of it, there is something that you should realize first. Did you know that the cells within your body store memories and experiences? For all this time, you might have been too well-adjusted to one single frame: The brain stores memories so everything you remember must have come from the brain. That is true. But there is more to memories than just that.

Every trauma, every negative experience, and all kinds of bad stuff are all stored not only in the brain but also in every cell of your body. This record can be passed down to the next generation (from you to your children and down to your grandchildren) so the same triggers that prompt you to feel bad can also prompt your descendants in the future.

This is what you need to address first. Your cells need to be cleansed from all the impurities and bad energy so that you can move on with your life and those who come after you don’t experience the same failures as you.

What Does the BioEnergy Code Offer You?

The BioEnergy Code consists of 9 phases, each designed to help you overcome the obstacles.

  • Phase 1 makes use of specific audio frequency to help you enter meditative state.
  • Phase 2 helps unclog the manifestation flow through affirmations.
  • Phase 3 teaches you how to balance your life.
  • Phase 4 coaxes the true you to go out of its hiding state.
  • Phase 5 seeks to help you realize that you are surrounded by love and tells you that you can receive love as much as give love.
  • Phase 6 shows you how you can free yourself from what others may think of you so that you can truly express the authentic version of yourself.
  • Phase 7 helps you ditch self-doubt.
  • Phase 8 is where you start realizing that the energy within you and the universe exist in an intricate interconnectedness.
  • Phase 9 begins with you being able to truly manifest what you have been visualizing all this time.

And that’s Not All

The BioEnergy Code comes with a set of bonuses that includes:

  1. The BioEnergy Code Manual
    The eBook contains everything you need to know about all the 7 chakras viewed from science.
  2. 5-Minute BioEnergy Healing
    This package is designed to be a shorter version of the actual program so even the busiest of you all can still practice the teachings and methods.
  3. The BioEnergy Code Decoded
    The PDF is intended as a companion for the program for those who feel the need to visualize the methods and techniques.
  4. The Heart Energy Activator
    This section is where you learn to free your heart from fear, which then may lead to proper manifestation. You will be taught how you can gain freedom from fear by listening to a specific audio frequency through meditation. Of all the bonuses, this perhaps is the most important of it all as fear is a known factor that shields you from ever gaining and manifesting everything you have been visualizing all this time.

The BioEnergy Code Discount

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