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With the trend of vegetarianism and veganism spreading throughout the world, meat lovers are being put under the gun. But worry not – there are still many staunch carnivores in the world. One such carnivore has put out a book that can enhance your knowledge and skill of handling all kinds of meat. It also provides information regarding freshly hunted game and grocery meat and how you can preserve and stockpile it in case of an apocalyptic situation.

People who live in areas such as Alaska or Russia tend to get a bad deal when something wrong happens that cuts them off from the rest of the world and confines them to their immediate surroundings. It can be due to a storm, a blizzard, melting glaciers or a myriad of other reasons.

Such a situation requires people to make preparations for shelter and food. The shelter part we can manage nowadays, but we cannot last even a week without going to the grocery store. In this scenario, food becomes your top priority.

Even if you are not in a dangerous situation, stockpiling, preserving, foraging and hunting for food can be great activities for a camping trip. The Carnivore’s Bible will help you in all such situations.

What is Carnivore’s Bible About?

The Carnivore's Bible
The Carnivore’s Bible
The author emphasizes that you cannot survive on your own if you live in rough environments. He quotes his own experience of hiking, getting lost in a blizzard and meeting a man in a cabin filled with a stockpiled meat storage that can last up to a year.

He learned the techniques from him and developed expertise in preparing food to stockpile it effectively. After running a blog for a few years, sharing his techniques, he wrote a book that covered all his knowledge on the subject.

The Carnivore’s Bible contains both recipes and techniques. With his techniques, it takes only a few hours to prepare meat and you can eat it anytime you want without cooking it. It stays preserved for up to seven years after drying, sun drying, pickling, salting and dehydrating it. Preservation techniques to keep vegetables, fruits and dairy including milk, egg and cheese are also explained in the book with over fifty recipes.

Following these recipes will help you reduce your grocery bills by almost half. This is because more often than not, we stock our fridges with meat, veggies, fruits and dairy that expire before you can do anything with them.


If you live near disastrous areas where you are prone to getting cut off from the rest of the world, the Carnivore’s Bible contains great information that can help prepare you. You will learn how to preserve your food for a long time and teach you and your family to survive on your own.

The Carnivore’s Bible Discount

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Learn techniques to preserve meat and other food items for several years and cut down your grocery bills by almost half with the Carnivore’s Bible.

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