Tips to Improve Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility

Shoulder problems are common to many people, mostly among weightlifters. But you can banish them through some exercises for improving your shoulder flexibility and mobility.

Whether you are a newbie to weightlifting or you are experienced in it, and whether currently you are having shoulder problems or not, it’s recommended you begin performing stretching exercises each week. When presently having shoulder impairments, the exercises are going to help you in maintaining maximum shoulder function and health, and prevent future injury.

Improve Your Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility
Improve Your Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility

Before getting into flexibility and mobility routine, you should assess your present level of shoulder flexibility first.

Best Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility

When you are lacking shoulder flexibility, then you ought to focus on two factors below to improve it.

  • Make sure in your training you are not neglecting back muscles, since an imbalance between the back and chest development is the most common trigger of shoulder problems.
  • Perform shoulder flexibility exercises many times every week.

When you perform the above two things, you may eliminate your nagging shoulder problems you may be having, and prevent them when you currently are not having any issues.

There are a few points you should keep in mind regarding the exercises:

  • Do not stretch before weightlifting since this may increase shoulder injury risk. But you may do this after weightlifting, or altogether at any other time.
  • Do not try pushing through tightness. Do not approach your shoulder flexibility and mobility exercises as you do weightlifting-do not try blasting through sticking points, since this may lead to injury.
  • Stop at tightness, and hold for five seconds, then release. You must be patient enough when you are working on increasing mobility.
  • Take it slow initially, particularly if you are having an injury.

Again, note that building up shoulder mobility and flexibility takes patience and time, particularly when you are recovering from injury.

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