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After over two decades of being a cop, Matthew Tate, approaching 50, found himself overwhelmed by the intensity of his work, which led to a lack of self-care; junk food consumption, restless and poor hygiene. Eventually, his wife made it clear to him that their love life was severely suffering from his unhealthy habits, and at that point, he decided to take action.

A horrible diet and a lack of consideration for his own dental health meant that Matt had developed a severe case of periodontitis, which is an infection of the gums, damaging both the gums and the bones that hold your teeth in place. On top of that, the periodontitis was affecting his kidneys, gave him terrible breath, and had left him unable to eat anything but soft foods. The worst of all, a dentist told him that he might lose all of his teeth within a year.

When Matt contacted a dentist specialized in the treatment of periodontitis, who suggested they could try out something different; a method that have been in use for centuries. Together, they (Matt and his dentist) explored the possibilities of restoring damaged teeth with natural remedies, and found that these were actually effective in eradicating the aggressive oral bacteria.

Amazed by the powerful results of these ancient techniques, they decided to write a simple guide to help others suffering from the effects of poor dental hygiene. Matthew developed Tooth Defender, an amazingly brief and straightforward set of tips and guidelines to help you save your teeth.

Tooth Defender
Tooth Defender

Tooth Defender: Reclaim Your Teeth and Gums Health Back

The Tooth Defender program not only informs you on how to improve your dental health, it also shows you how to reverse the detrimental effects of periodontitis and other oral diseases, such as gingivitis.

The Tooth Defender guidelines include tips on what to include in and what to exclude from your diet, and provides convincing evidence that supports the claims that certain foods are bad for your dental health, while others will save your teeth and freshen your breath.

In short, Tooth Defender is a simple guide, set up by both a dental health expert and a victim of poor dental health, which means that not only is it well-researched, it is also highly user-focused. Over 10,000 people have already improved their lives with the help of this program, and their gratefulness is evident from the reviews posted on various websites.

To make things even better: Tooth Defender is totally affordable, and the guide provides you with a set of very cheap methods that will definitely help keep the dentist away, meaning you may save thousands of dollars on expensive surgeries!

Tooth Defender Discount

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