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Tyranny Liberator: A Way to Lower Your Electricity Bill

How many times have you struggled with electricity bill skyrocketing at your home? How many times has this matter posed a challenge for you? Does almost half of the paycheck you earn go to paying the utility bills?

No one can argue with just how important electricity is to their life. But not many out there can keep up with the bloating bill of electricity at their home. Some can say, “Oh, your bill is through the roof? Why don’t you just cut back on energy use?”. But you know it is not as simple as not using your TV unit or turning of the ACs; if only it was that simple. You can do your best in this regard but deep down you know you need some alternative to hold on to.

A Secret Not Many Know

Your journey might end here at this point and it starts with a question of how you can use recycled laptop batteries to save on electricity bill. Sounds like a reach, right? But that’s the truth; with something as simple as laptop batteries, you can cut your power bill up to at least 70% — with Tyranny Liberator. Who wouldn’t want that in their life? Imagine all the things you can buy with the money instead.

Tyranny Liberator

But then again, if there is something that can do just that, why has it not emerged publicly yet? Well, the answer is simple: This is not the type of technology that is intended for the mass; at least not yet. Why? It’s a matter of logics, really:

  • No one knows for sure just how much money it can help save,
  • No one knows for sure just how complicated it may get when it comes to building the device,
  • No one knows for sure how much the system takes to make,
  • No one knows for sure if the device can be flexible enough in terms of installation,
  • No one knows for sure the precise spot to install it.

It is for these factors that you wouldn’t see this technology being implemented on a large and public scale; at least not yet.

What is Tyranny Liberator?

Tyranny Liberator is developed using the same concept applied on electric cars. It emphasizes on the invention of a battery that is sufficient to hold electricity for household use. The battery of an electric car can contain at least 85 KW of power, which will be enough to help your home run for at least 2 days off the grid. The battery is already full upon charging for not more than 30 minutes.

PowerwallA device called Powerwall is the result of transferring this technology from its application on electric cars to household use. This thing is actually a wall-mounted battery that will supply the house it’s installed in with electricity during periods of blackout. What’s more interesting is that the battery can be recharged through the use of anything that generates electricity including solar panels, which is convenient.

However, Powerwall may be revolutionary with its capacity and space-friendliness; but it actually is still too expensive for a large group of families out there to afford. A 30 KW Powerwall, mind you, will cost at least anywhere between 5 and 9 thousand dollars. And we haven’t even got to the matter of waiting list. Countless people are in line for this product and it depends greatly on shipping duration. Once it gets to your address, then you have to deal with the matter of installation, which in turn depends on how limited the space in your house is.

On Why It’s Superior

Tyranny Liberator is impressive in many ways but it is mostly about how the device is capable of storing power in a large amount without being so huge it hinders you from installing it easily and conveniently. Among many positive points the device bears are:

  • Simplicity
    The design is made in such a way that it does not require you to have any prior knowledge about things related to machinery, electrical wirings, or something else.
  • Affordability
    It takes $200 to build the device, which is way lower than the conventional Powerwall. And you can even press it down more to $90 if you could find and use parts scattered across your home.
  • Effectiveness
    You can already see that this is a great investment as it already works on your behalf the second you plug it in the grid.

Things to Expect

Home Power PlantBut of course you will need guidance to accomplish this especially when you know nothing about electricity. See, you don’t have to but the device itself. Rather, you should get the tutorials on how you can build your own Tyranny Liberator.

Said tutorials are presented in the forms of videos and PDFs and don’t worry about them being hard to follow. The creator really puts it all together with you in his mind, meaning it focuses on how to make things simple and clear.

Tyranny Liberator guide consists of 4 modules:

  1. Tools and Materials
    This section explains about the tools and materials you will need to build the device.
  2. Assembly
    The assembly steps are pretty straightforward.
  3. Testing and Sorting
    This section talks about how you can tell good cells from those that are unusable.
  4. Management System
    In this part, you will learn the safe method of charging and discharging the cells.

The package also comes with tons of helpful features such as efficient strategies for cost-saving, some useful tips, much-needed tips, and related advice. So, in a bundle, you will find:

  • The Primary Tyranny Liberator guide, presented in the forms of PDFs and videos,
  • A comprehensive list of materials and places to find them,
  • Information about where you should build the device, and
  • Instant access to download everything you need the second you complete payment.

Any purchase is protected with a 100% 60-day money-back warranty. If for any reason you decide that this is not for you, you can always request for a full refund within 60 days after the initial purchase.

Tyranny Liberator Discount

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