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Learn How to Get a Firm, Round Butt

Working out is important for all those who wish to lead a healthy life. On top of this basic need, there are various other benefits of working out. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows you to increase your glutes. Having a perfect body shape, especially buttocks, is a desire of many, but many individuals are not aware of how to increase their glutes and which exercises work and which don’t.

This is where Unlock Your Glutes comes in. It is a program developed by Brian Klepacki, which proves to be an excellent guide for those who wish to sport a firm and round butt without putting in a lot of effort. Let us look at its features and benefits to see whether it is worth the investment.

What is Unlock Your Glutes and How Does it Work?

Before we delve into its features, it is important to know what this program entails. Unlock Your Glutes is a holistic program which is focused on enhancing your butt by hitting different muscles through various exercises. The program includes two weekly workouts and is to be followed for a month before you start showcasing any effects.

Unlock Your Glutes
Unlock Your Glutes

Each workout is made from different 15-minute exercises. To make sure users are able to understand how to perform the workout, every step is broken down into an array of pictures. This makes comprehending it an easy feat.

Features of Unlock Your Glutes

Unlock Your Glutes ExercisesThe underlying feature of the workout proposed in this program is not that it merely grows your glutes but that it focuses on training them in the right direction. Therefore, the exercises included don’t just enhance your butt but also give it a round and perfect shape. Additionally, rather than merely focusing on one aspect, this program succeeds in improving your overall health and performance.

The proposed workouts have been tested on athletes and are known to deliver results. Some of the techniques included are spine protecting exercises, neuromuscular activation, and restorative lengthening. These three techniques allow the program to yield observable results in 30 days. Considering how impatient most people are, this time frame has been a source of convenience for many.

Specifications of the Program

For those of you who are wondering what exactly the program consists of, here is what you can expect from it:

  • For four weeks, you will be training for two days each week. In these two days, the session will last for 15 minutes. This makes the workout doable by all, regardless of how busy your work life is.
  • Overall, 36 movements are included in the workout, each of which targets the glute in your butt. This helps the program hit all the required muscles and, thereby, ensure a strong and round butt.
  • The program sheds light on the common misconceptions of people. For instance, you might link the length of the workout to its effectiveness. The truth is if the lengthy workouts focus on the wrong muscle, the entire exercise is fruitless.
  • There are various obstacles to glute development. This program aids in combatting them and thereby reactivating important muscles.
  • Different hip thrust exercises are included in the program, each of which is mentioned in great detail to make sure readers get the hang of it.

The Pros

In various aspects, this program has been a success. It has been lauded by customers for the following:

  • It is easy to understand, and the step-by-step pictorial representation of the exercises makes it easy to follow as well.
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee makes this a risk-free purchase.
  • Brian Klepacki has a certification which makes the program trustworthy.
  • The price of the program is reasonable.

The Cons

However, not all customers have been fully satisfied. Here are the most common complaints:

  • Some find that it takes too much time to show results.
  • The program is not available in a DVD or printed book form.


While it is true that it demands time and commitment from you, the fact is that all workouts require this. Therefore, if you wish to get a round butt that you can’t flaunt proudly, you must put in the effort. Buy Unlock Your Glutes and begin your slow yet fruitful journey today.

Unlock Your Glutes Discount

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Does Unlock Your Glutes truly deliver a round and healthy butt? Let’s see whether Brian Klepacki’s program lives up to its claim or not.

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