Weight Loss Motivation – How Do You Sustain It?

Weight loss motivation is not an easy thing to sustain. If motivation was something that could be bought and sold we would have a world of thin people that have reached all their goals in life, because they were able to stay motivated and focused on their end result. But since we know that life does not work that way, we have to resort to other ways of keep our motivation up and our eye on the prize.

Weight loss motivation

Weight loss motivations will probably the biggest factor in determining how successful you are at losing weight. The things that keep you motivated will vary from one person to the next. For some people it will be the health factor that keeps them motivated. They may have been told by their doctor that if they lose weight their blood pressure will go down or the type 2 diabetic symptoms will disappear. Health and well being can be a very powerful motivator, especially if you have witnessed first hand the devastating consequences of obesity.

For me the biggest motivator is seeing other people be successful. If I see someone else accomplish things in their life it is proof to me that there is hope and I can also achieve my goals. I also find information a very powerful motivator. Searching the web and reading help me to keep my goals in sight.

Support groups are a big weight loss motivation. Other people sharing what has worked for them and how they over came their struggles can help you get back on track or give you new options for reaching your goals. There is not shortage of support for people trying to lose weight and if you can not find a group in your community, there are a large number of weight loss communities available online.

Weight loss stressOne thing that will impact your weight loss motivation negatively is stress and other areas of your life that are out of control. It is hard to keep your eye on the target when you are stressed out and cannot concentrate all your energy on achieving your end result. Having other things in your life out of control will do the same thing. They will consume your time and energy making it more difficult to focus on losing weight. In my case, these types of problems give me a reason for overeating. So I try with all my strength to avoid stressful and chaotic situations and events.

What motivates you to stay on task is something you will have to figure out for yourself. If you look at what is going on in your life when you are motivated and evaluate the situations you are in when you do not have weight loss motivation, you will soon figure out what works for you and will be able to have more control over situations that are motivating and situations that may sabotage your efforts. Motivation is not only something you need to lose weight, you will also need it to succeed in other areas of your life.

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